Inkjet label printers aren’t just for home use

The everyday household desk  has long been the habitat of the inkjet printer. Once seen as a humble tool used by PC owners everywhere, nowadays the inkjet has been elevated in stature and can stand on an equal footing with their toner based or laser counterparts. This is due to advances in technology which have made it possible for inkjet printers to achieve the high printing rates synonymous with toner printers and still maintain the quality of laser printing which gives the printed image or text fantastic colour and clarity. Given these overall changes, inkjet printing solutions are becoming an ever more popular option for businesses seeking flexible printing solutions.

One of the most widespread uses for speedy, super-fine quality inkjets in business and industry is in label printing, a key component of any packaging chain in a production line. One of the most efficient ways of dealing with this logistical problem is to use an inkjet label printer. The most modern label printers, such as the Kiaro! at which is manufactured and sold by the specialist printer company Quicklabel, combine the flexibility of on demand inkjet printing whilst making the most of the recent technological advances to provide high printing rates as well as a professional looking finish and clarity to all graphics and text printed.

Companies like Quicklabel have been at the forefront of developing such inkjet printing solutions especially for businesses and industry. Usually, small home-run companies might use low-cost label makers or rudimentary label printers to cater for many of their packaging needs, but now small businesses can afford to benefit from the speed, efficiency and visual quality that such colour inkjet label printers offer. With minimal training required to operate the latest brands of label printer (really all a computer is needed) and with specialist software also provided alongside the hardware, these products are becoming more accessible to a variety of commercial markets.